When a Catholic School Girl Squeaks, Everybody Listens... (repost)

I was laughing with a client recently about this very subject & thought it would be fun to re-post :)

Girl covering mouth.jpg

When I was a kid I went to a Catholic School for a while. The chairs were wooden & we girls had to wear jumper skirts as part of our uniforms. Now I was one of those nervous kids…I mean really nervous…always afraid of being picked on, or for some terrible thing to happen…scared all the time.

And with all that fear came stomach pains, you know the kind… butterflies…no…make that raccoons fighting inside my belly!

And with all that fighting came the dreaded gas pains…do you know how loud it is when a little cotton underwear covered butt eeks one out on a wooden chair?! The reverberation from the gas hitting the chair is palpable, literally!!! And it echoes across the entire classroom!!!

I’ll never forget the feelings of total horror and sheer humility as laughter erupted, roaring throughout the classroom, and everyone turned around to see who farted. I was so embarrassed I turned around too!

As I think back on those days I giggle. I can’t help it. Something so small and silly seemed so huge at the time. How much I worried about what other people thought of me instead of sharing in the laughter. I thought farts were funny then, (still do), I just didn’t see the humor in it coming from me at the time.

How things have changed. No, I don’t mean I create opportunities to fart in public now, jeesh. I’ve just learned to laugh at myself more and enjoy my humanity. Yes, I realize I’m human and I - like everyone else on this planet whether they admit it or not - farts. It’s perfectly normal and natural and yes, sometimes it’s funny!

So, what am I getting at? Well, the work I do has some very relaxing effects on the body. And when the body is completely relaxed, sometimes it releases the occasional “gas bomb,” “floats a couple of air biscuits,” or “lets one rip.”

Most of the time when it happens during a treatment it gets completely ignored. Sometimes the client will say “excuse me”, and occasionally someone might mention that they had chili for lunch.

It’s all good.

Do I giggle when it happens? Heck no, I wouldn’t want anyone to feel like that little girl in the classroom. And while I might think “Good One”, I maintain my professionalism and either ignore it or say “no worries.” We are after all, only human, and we all do it :-)