Introducing Grace & Adelaida (reprint of this weeks newsletter)

Hey there! 

Wow it’s been a while since the last newsletter and so much has happened I don’t know where to begin! 
Probably best to start with introductions. Yep, I said introductions :-) 

Cue trumpet sounds! Grace Avila Lourenco and Adelaida Sanchez, two extremely gifted intuitive healers, are now providing services at Artistic Holistics. 

Grace offers Reflexology and Intuitive Spiritual Healing sessions. In an intuitive healing session, Graces uses her skills as a medium (she see’s dead people…okay, if you never saw the movie the 6th sense, you probably won’t get the humor in that, my apologiesJ ) and energy worker to help you gain insight and release restrictions in your energy field that may be causing physical and or emotional pain, and keeping you stuck.

Prior to having my healing session with Grace (you don’t think I’d let her work on you without taking a test drive first?) I was feeling really off. I mean out of balance, unfocused, irritated and just not myself. Ya know like when you feel so out of whack that you just can’t stand yourself and don’t know why? 

Well, the session was unlike anything I’ve experienced before. While I was comfortably lying on the massage table, Grace read my aura (the energy field that surrounds the body), explained what she saw and then guided me thru a meditation as she did energy work on my body. She was able to detect specific situations in my life that were draining my energy and also communicated some loving messages from deceased loved ones. 

The whole process was extremely healing. Afterwards I was happy, lighthearted and felt back to my positive self again. Grace’s presence during the treatment was warm, compassionate, nonjudgmental, loving, and respectful. And the heat coming off her hands from the energy healing felt wonderful. I highly recommend trying a session with her. 

Now the first time I met Adelaida was at our last workshop here. When she introduced herself she said she was a “Spanish angel card reader.” My first thought was “there are Spanish angels?”  Not that there couldn’t be…I just always figured angels were divine energetic beings without race, gender or ethnicity. I was confused. 

So when Adelaida came to give me a reading I asked her about it. Her first response was “why not Spanish angels?” And then she smiled and pulled out her deck of Spanish playing cards and then a deck of Angel cards…ah, got it. 

Adelaida gets clear messages from the playing cards, similar to the way some readers do from a tarot card deck. She also gets messages during the reading from angels and spirit guides. 

I’m one of those people who can be difficult to read because I don’t go in with a specific question in mind and I don’t volunteer anything. I’m also not easily impressed. Adelaida impressed me. She was right on with the things she saw going on in my life, gave me some insight on several situations and most impressively, nailed my husband to a “t”. Personality, some of the things he was dealing with at the time, and the dynamics of our relationship. It was unbelievable…and extremely helpful. She also had me laughing like crazy! She was funny, sensitive, loving and right on. If you’re looking for a little guidance or clarity, (and could use a good laugh) definitely book a session with her. 

All appointments can be booked online thru our website or our Facebook page by clicking the Schedule Now button. Of course you can always call to schedule too. (401) 248-4998 

If you haven’t checked out the website in a while or been on Facebook…because I know you’ve totally “liked” our Facebook page…you may not know we’re having an Open House on May 21st. Yep, Wednesday, May 21st 4:30 pm– 8:30 pm. 

There’ll be some munchies, beverages, a raffle and the opportunity to meet Grace & Adelaida. 
PLUS if you get here early you may be lucky enough to get a free reading or healing session. So stop by and say hi, and bring a friend or two. We’re looking forward to seeing you. 

Love & hugs,