August Newsletter


Omg, so the other night my friend Michelle and I went swimming at Mac Cove in Jamestown.  It was high tide, wavy, and breezy. I don’t know about you, but when I swim in the ocean, things like seaweed wrapping around my arms or legs and fish bumping into me as they swim by startles the heck out of me. Between the surf, the wind, and the high tide, there was quite a few “moments” last night. Ever hear an underwater scream? Yeah, we were doing a lot of those.  At one point while swimming I looked up and saw Michelle heading for a floating garden of seaweed. Being the good friend that I am, I did what any good friend would do while swimming in the ocean, I grabbed her by the leg and tugged a little. To my surprise, she kept swimming…I think she even started swimming faster. Worried about her swimming head first into the seaweed garden, I pulled on her leg harder and started pulling her towards me. I think it was at that point that she finally stopped swimming and looked back at me with an expression of sheer horror. Hm, I wondered if she saw the seaweed garden. Apparently, she hadn’t because she was very grateful when I pointed it out. Wonder what scared her?

As we were swimming along heading towards the last buoy marker, I felt what I can only describe as the sensation of a very large fish rubbing against me as it swam by. I immediately stopped swimming and looked up. Michelle was not too far from me and I yelled, “was that you?! Was that you?! Was that you?!” Very close to her were two guys on surf boards smirking. With a big smile on her face, Michelle said “yes, I wasn’t sure if these guys were waiting for us and I didn’t want you to get run over.” Well played my friend, well played.

The highlight or near heart attack moment of the evening came a little bit after that. Because of the chop, the visibility in the water wasn’t all that great. I saw a few small stripped fish, 3-4 inches in length and sand blowing or being forced thru the water. Other than that, it was cloudy green. Michelle was swimming ahead of me and as I was swimming along I swam almost completely into a small school of fish. Startled I stopped, and when I looked up I saw what appeared to be a severed arm with a hand floating in the middle of them. Sheer terror ran thru me. Every scary thought you can possibly imagine having while bobbing alone in the ocean in water too deep to touch bottom while seeing a floating severed arm/hand, ran thru my mind. I screamed for Michelle, she didn’t hear me. I screamed her name again, louder, she didn’t hear me. I didn’t want to stay there but was afraid to move. How did this happen. What if whatever did this is swimming around here? Then I saw it, I mean really saw it, the severed arm/hand was actually a big floating rubber glove. Like the kind you’d see a fisherman wearing, it was huge. I was relieved but still wigged out. Worried that whatever was attracting the small fish to it might also attract larger fish, I swam away…really fast…with as little splash as possible.

Now, you might think that I’d be a bit nervous to go back in the water after that. After all, who knows how many rubber gloves masquerading as severed arm/hands there are floating around out there. It is a big ocean after all and I’ve seen way too many silly movies. However, I LOVE the ocean. I love swimming in it, I love the waves, and I even love the cute little fish that startle me.  And, Michelle and I had plans to go back again the following night. So, ya know what I did when I got home? I Tapped. I used my skills as an EFT practitioner to get rid of the fear of the “unknown” while swimming. I visualized swimming along and seeing the fish, and then the perceived arm/hand and the emotion that it triggered in me, and I kept tapping on it until the intensity of the emotion was gone. The next day when we got to the beach, the surf was higher and a bit rougher than the night before. But, ya know what, I was excited about it and couldn’t wait to get in the water and swim and play in the waves. We had the best time, and I thoroughly enjoyed myself without any thoughts or fears about floating gloves

If you’d like to learn how to tap to overcome your fear of floating gloves, or even just release some stress, join me at the next EFT/Tapping Group Tuesday, August 14th from 6:30pm-8:00pm. You can send me an email or respond "going" to our Facebook Event page.

And, as promised in my last newsletter, the workshop on how to tap with children has been scheduled!!! If you’re following us on Facebook, then you already know that and have the details. If not, here are they are:
EFT: Child Focus, Creative Tapping with Children, presented by International EFT Master Trainer Jondi Whitis.
Date: Saturday September 8th & Sunday September 9th. This two-day workshop is from 9:30-4:30 both days.  
This workshop is geared towards EFT Practitioners, Social Workers, Teachers, Parents, and anyone with current, basic Tapping skills and an interest in Tapping well with children.

The Child Focus workshop is NOT an introduction to EFT and in order to take this workshop, you should have basic EFT/Tapping skills. If you don’t then please attend either my EFT/Tapping group mentioned above, or Jondi’s Introduction to Tapping workshop on Friday, September 7th from 6:00-7:30pm.

Registration for both the Friday night Introduction to Tapping and the two-day EFT Child focus workshops, are on Jondi’s website  Be sure to register early as space is limited. If you have friends, colleagues or clients that you think could use an effective and fun new tool to work with children, please forward this email along.

I think that’s about it for now. What’s that? Oh, right, in the last newsletter I told you I’d tell you more about my newfound love for Ballroom Dance. Well, since a picture is worth a thousand words, here’s a couple from last weekend at the New England Dance Festival where I competed for the very first time. I had a blast and won first place in my category! Dancing gives me a joy that is indescribable.I laugh and smile the entire time. My friend Petra says,"when you dance you glow," and that's kinda how I feel...dancing is my happy place.
If you’ think you'd like to learn Ballroom Dancing, the folks at The Dancing Feeling in Warwick RI are the best. They’re professional and personable and most importantly, they make you feel comfortable and keep it fun.

t’s so important to find and do what makes us happy. Life is short and it’s supposed to be fun.
With much love and a big hug,