Prosperity Workshop

Prosperity Workshop

guided & presented by Grace Avila, Intuitive Healer

In this workshop the intention will be set to release everything that may be blocking you from receiving prosperity in your life. Grace will provide guidance on how to write a letter to yourself to release poverty experiences from the past, including any from past lives. Together we’ll create a prosperity board of the things we desire and call in the angels of prosperity to bless it. If you have some old magazines you don’t mind cutting up, please bring them.

We’ll end the workshop by bringing in the energies of gratitude and appreciation for ALL the good coming into our lives every day. All participants will receive a candle infused with the energy of prosperity.

Please let me know if you would like of be part of this workshop so I have an idea of how much material I need to buy.... Love and Light, Grace

 To register call or text Grace directly at (401) 545-5295

Cost: $25