This is a new offering for us. Up until recently, I hadn’t planned on ever offering cupping massage. I’d gone for a couple of sessions where a therapist used glass cups, and one where the therapist used hard plastic ones and a pump. The hard-plastic ones kinda hurt, and both types left me looking like I’d lost a battle with an octopus…you’ve seen the Olympics, you know what I’m talking about ;)

So, what changed? Around the time when I was deciding on what continuing ed classes to take to fulfill my massage license requirements, I got an email for a workshop on gentle cupping techniques. It said soft silicone cups were used, promising great results with minimal to no marks left.

I was intrigued and the class did not disappoint. The result? A gentle, highly effective technique that gives the results of deep tissue work without the deep tissue pain. The silicone cups make it super easy to adjust the amount of suction to your level of comfort, while at the same time gently releasing adhesion’s…without the beat up by an octopus look. They’re so effective, many of our die-hard deep tissue fans have completely converted over to cupping.

Wanna give it a try? Click one of the links below and book your appointment now.

60 min Cupping Massage $95

75 min Cupping Massage $115

90 min Cupping Massage $130

30 min Cupping Massage $65


*Some conditions and medications are contraindicated for cupping massage such as (but not limited to) diabetes, cancer, high blood pressure, pregnancy, any type of bruising or bleeding disorder, varicose veins, blood thinners, chemotherapy drugs, and blood clots. This is not an all-inclusive list. If you’re not sure if cupping is safe for you, check with your doctor and contact us at prior to scheduling.