We believe every massage should help you to relax, even when we're working out the knots. So we provide soothing music, a warm table, warm pillow, heated oil and your choice of aromatherapy scents with every no additional cost.

If you prefer lotion to oil, no problem, we have that too (of course if you have a lot of body hair you may want to stick with the oil - lotion gets absorbed quicker and well, pulled hair is just not relaxing!).

Here are the massage options we offer.

Serene Escape

Takes you away to a world of total relaxation. Long flowing strokes with medium to light pressure. Great when you need to unwind & just let go.                            

60 mins $85

75 mins $100


Therapeutic Relief

Relaxing, restoring and healing, this treatment utilizes firmer pressure and deep tissue techniques to release tension, break up adhesion's (knots) and bring healing to injured tissues.

60 mins $85

75 mins $100

Targeted Relief

Like the name says, this one targets and releases the most common areas of tension - the neck, shoulders and back.  Great when you don't have time for a full body massage.

45 min $65





Serenity and Grace

Combining the best of both worlds, this treatment begins with forty minutes of gentle massage and ends with twenty minutes of Reiki. You'll leave feeling relaxed, restored and balanced.

60 min $85


We limit the number of massages we do in one day so that you get the absolutely best experience possible. If you don't see availability for the day you're looking for when you click on the scheduling link, it means we have reached the maximum number of massage bookings for that day. 

***Ladies, if you suspect (or know) you are pregnant, PLEASE READ. We want to make sure all of our clients receive the absolute best care possible,  and because we are not pregnancy certified, we are not comfortable performing massage on you and your soon to be little one. It's not our area of expertise and you deserve to have the safest, most effective care possible. Reiki is a safe and wonderfully relaxing alternative to massage that we are happy to provide. ***

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