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EFT: Child Focus - Creative Tapping With Children

  • Artistic Holistics & The Mindz Eye 111 Airport Road Warwick, RI, 02889 United States (map)


EFT: Child Focus, Creative Tapping With Children, by International EFT Master Trainer Jondi Whitis

09:30 - 04:30, September 8 & 9, 111 Airport Rd, Warwick, Rhode Island 02889

Hosted by Artistic Holistics and The Mindz Eye

Want to change the world?  Teach our youngest how to take care of themselves, remove doubts, hurts, obstacles, blocks and unresolved everyday events that cause them troubling conclusions and beliefs.

Learn How to Tap Well with Children

The best gifts we can give children are the knowledge & power of their emotions.  YOU can help them; teach them tools that empower, help them self-regulate, self-soothe, overcome obstacles & enhance their achievement.

What Will You Learn?

The most popular answers to years of questions about Tapping with children! Such as:

  • How do you approach them?
  • Where do I start, and how?
  • What techniques are good for what ages?
  • How do I know when to change up, try something new?
  • What if the child doesn’t want to be here?
  • How do I work with the parents? When?
  • What can I honestly tell the child or parent?

    This 2-day class is a useful and rapid boost to confidently Tapping with children and kids of all ages, reaching them ‘where they are,’ and with just the right approach.

    Join us for this weekend workshop and walk away with lots of creative ideas and adaptations in your toolbox, whenever you need them.

    Who is the workshop for?

    This workshop is geared towards EFT Practitioners, Social Workers, Teachers, Parents, and anyone with current, basic Tapping skills and an interest in Tapping well with children.

    Ideally, you’ve had some formal training with EFT/Tapping. If not, we’re offering a 90-minute Introduction to Practical Tapping class the Friday before and we STRONGLY suggest that you to take it (we will not be teaching Tapping basics during the 2-day Child Focus workshop). The Intro class runs 6:30pm-8:00pm, Friday, September 7, 2018. Cost is $20.

    September 8th & 9th,  2-day workshop $285 (register by Aug 1st for a $50 discount!)

    Two days of creative and effective Tapping techniques especially designed to get great results and return joy to children. Join us in a friendly, warm and intimate group; although there may be many applications, you’ll find the people in this group genuinely care about helping children live their best lives.


    Friday, September 7, 2018, 6:30pm-8:00pm

    Introduction to Practical Tapping

    An introduction to EFT/Tapping, what it is, how to do it, and how it can help you in your own life.

    Saturday & Sunday, September 8th & 9th, 9:30am-4:30pm (both days)  

    EFT: Child Focus, Creative Tapping With Children

    Day One includes practical application sense such as Approach, basic child developmental phases and capabilities, before beginning to learn and practice adapting basic techniques creatively, and the art of purposeful customization. Hands-on practice in pairs & small groups.

    Day Two builds upon this foundation, introducing more Creative Tapping Techniques, weaving them with other learning and attention-focused approaches, including the creative expression that comes from a deeper, more subconscious level of knowing.  Group activities and hands-on practice included.  Enriched and empowered with these tools and adaptations, with creative juices flowing, you can put your knowledge to use right away.

This workshop is being taught by Jondi Whitis, AAMET International Accredited, Certified, EFT Master Trainer and Advanced Practitioner.

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