Oh my God, you are magic...magic! I feel amazing! When I win Powerball I’m gonna steal you away from here!
— A.M.
You are an artist and you create a tapestry with your hands. I’ve been all over the world and your massage is THE BEST I’ve ever had.
— Tom, Retired Cattle Ranch Owner
I don’t think you realize how much you’ve helped me. What you give people is inner peace.
— JD, School Teacher

"I was not new to massage prior to meeting Dawn, but I did feel  hesitant about Reiki and Craniosacral. They seemed so “new agey” and I wasn’t sure they would actually work. I had had Reiki before to no effect. After having both Reiki and Craniosacral treatments with Dawn, I am a convert to both. Dawn has a way of really connecting with you, even if you are an unbeliever.

Working with Dawn I’m always surprised at how fabulous I feel. With massage her pressure is great and my muscles are more flexible. After a Reiki treatment I feel calmer and less stressed. I have to say it’s the Craniosacral therapy that surprised me the most. My mood is always lighter afterwards, and I can actually feel the shifts as she is working on me. I HIGHLY recommend the Craniosacral for sleeping better, overall feeling better and mood adjustment.

After a session with Dawn I enjoy how I feel, not just right afterwards but in general. I believe I am generally less stressed and working with Dawn has helped me to relieve the joint issues that I suffer from.

I always tell people that Dawn is the best massage therapist and holistic therapist that I have ever been to. I have recommended her to my family and many of my friends.

Thank you Dawn for caring so much about your work and clients. It is always a pleasure to see you!"

Lara M., business owner


"Being a massage therapist myself,  I received massage and Reiki treatments prior to seeing Dawn, but they were always trades from people I knew.  I had never been an official client of another bodywork therapist.  I was actually terrified that once it was discovered that I too was a MT I would be interrogated and judged based on my knowledge and where/who I work for etc. silly huh?  I still remember staring at my phone talking myself into calling, I had the number on the screen but chickened out twice and tossed my phone onto my pillow and read over the website a couple more times.  How weird it was to be in the client's shoes making that first call!  It was really an eye-opener and I'm so so happy that I did it!  

Stepping into the office for the first time I was so nervous!  But Dawn had a big smile on her face, welcomed me in and really took the time to understand exactly what I was looking for, (which is exactly what one should be looking for in a massage therapist).  She was genuine and listened to my concerns and made sure I felt secure. I was afraid of being judged and labeled as "competition" but there has NEVER been any of that! 

 I deeply enjoy the act of just being someone's client and being able to come in and enjoy my session.  I always get the Serenity & Grace 1hr session (massage & Reiki) and I love that she has the option to blend the two modalities I need.  First the massage to work out the tension of repetitive motion and then Reiki (which is so deeply soothing it's like a mini-nap) that helps balance out the soul.  She's always so dead on too when she informs you of what she felt during the Reiki session.

Dawn truly does have the best in heart and mind for her clients.  I feel like I have gained a bit more positive outlook and a better grip on stress since becoming a client of hers.  

I definitely recommend Dawn. She's clever, patient, funny, genuine, kind, generous and knowledgable!  She really cares and that's what you want in a mt." 

M. Vanasse, massage therapist                                                         


"There’s always a concern about whether a massage therapist’s approach will match what you are looking for in a session. After working with Dawn, I was surprised at the knowledge of anatomy she possesses. I haven’t had anyone else clearly explain why tightness in one spot can result from a different part of the body and explain the connections at work.

I have had chronic issues with muscle spasms and headaches. They are both significantly reduced with regular massages to the point where neither interferes with my life anymore.

What I love most about my sessions with Dawn is that I always feel comfortable without the awkwardness that can sometimes be present in therapeutic settings. I always end up feeling much better when I leave than when I came in, and definitely more relaxed.

I absolutely recommend Artistic Holistics. Dawn is easy to work with, very knowledgeable and compassionate in her approach. The atmosphere at Artistic Holistics is very comfortable and conducive to healing."

J. Brown, air traffic controller